There a quite a few aspects that influence security of a website. CMS websites are specifically vulnerable to attacks if the correct security measures and firewalls have not been put in place.

  • Install an SSL certificate on your domain and therefore on your website.
  • Login details need to be secure and should not be provided to everyone
  • Should more than one person be working on your website, make sure they have their own set of user login details that can be monitored and changed / revoked if need be
  • Keep your website up to date with the latest versions of the software, security updates and software updates
  • Make sure passwords are not easy to guess and are secure in their format eg: Capital, lowercase, numbers and special characters in different places.
  • Make sure you do not save to your hosting, email, ftp or website access details in your browser or on a device that is not behind a firewall. Keep a physical book (in a safe place not in your desk or handbag) with all your passwords in it, especially if you make your passwords extra secure and therefore not easy to remember.

if you are concerned about your website contact us, and we can do a security assessment for you, identifying where potential issues are and can recommend tasks for you to undertake, or upgrade your security on your website for you.

See our internet security page for more information on our website security services.