Domain Reseller Agreement

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The Reseller enters into agreement that:


  1. The Reseller is compatible with the terms of our agreement with ZACR, and does not do or omit to do anything that would be a breach of this Agreement, and in particular impose the same obligations upon the Reseller as imposed by the Registry upon the Registrar as set out in clauses 6 (Warranties), 8 (General Obligations of Registrar), 13 (Transfer between Registrars), 14 (Non-Solicitation of Registrants), 15 (Registrar’s Other Obligations),16 (Control of Resellers), 17 (Privacy and Personal Information), and 18 (Intellectual Property Rights) (all with the appropriate changes made);
  2. The Reseller complies with the Published Policies and Code of Practice (if applicable), as amended from time to time;
  3. The Reseller includes the Registrant Agreement Mandatory Terms in its Registrant Agreement;
  4. The Reseller allows for the transfer of Domain Names to another Accredited registrar – voluntarily by the Reseller, or through a forced transfer as described in clause 5.11.3;
  5. The Reseller indemnifies the Registry in the same terms as clause 21.9 (with the appropriate changes made); consejo
  6. The Reseller imposes these obligations on its Resellers in turn.