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An online presence portrays a professional front to your customer, and gives them access to high level information about your company, and details to get in contact with you. If you want an online presence and just don't know how to go about it, or have an idea, but don't have the skills, then one of our options below could assist. 


Congratualtions of your Engagement – now the planning for your wedding starts!

We can help you take your wedding into the digital age with your own custom domain / website address eg: that can be use for a multitude of uses during your planning process, and after. Examples:

  • “Save the Date” Invite
  • RSVP form and processing
  • Gifts Registry details
  • Planning checklists online
  • Bridal Shower / Bachelor Night Invites
  • Wedding date details
  • Gallery of photos of the wedding day
  • and so much more

We can create you your own website for any of the above functionality. But it all starts with a domain name first – Search for your personal domain name below, and see if its available to register with us for only R100. You can renew it each year thereafter annually if you want to keep it going for your own hisandher personal website.



Save the date

Set up a “Save the Date” visual invite letting your guests know when the wedding date will be. this can be enhanced a litrtle down the line, to include a RSVP form.



Set up an RSVP form that send the details of the RSVP to you via email. Depending on the extent of your requirements, we can also set it up that the RSVP’s are tracked in the web site and can be used to send out Personal Emails down the line.

Wedding Registry

Add a list of all the places your wedding registry gifts can be bought. 

Online shopping is much easier now, and a lot of gifts can be bought online. This will provide access to these websites and make gift purchases much easier for your guests.

Wedding Day

And of course – the Big Day – make sure all the details of your wedding are posted, the date, the venues (with google maps), times and much more. Making sure nobody misses the event of your life.

Gallery of photos

Keep track of all the wedding photos in one space, Wedding planning items, mood boards, Bridal shower, and of course the big wedding day


All the photos can be accessible and viewed by all the guest at any time. Years after the event.

If you have decided on an extension, enter your desired domain name and the extension that you wish to register (eg: and click search. If you are unsure of the extensions, enter your desired domain name and leave off the extension (eg: google).

We will check to see if it is available. If it is not available, try a different version of the domain name and/or try a different extension.

Please enter your domain.
Please verify that you are not a robot.

Free email address

We set up 1 free email address for your domain. Example: we can set up or

Web Site Design

We can design and build you a beautiful web page / website for any or all of the above mentioned functionality. 

Making your wedding planning an easy process.

Flexible growth

Start off small with save the date invite, and add on functionality as the need arises. No need to create an entire website up front. Its flexible to your needs.


Emails and tracking

Set up a guest list, organise it into sub mailing lists (eg bridal shower invitees) and send out emails to these segments. Track who has received the invites, and direct them to specific pages on your wedding website.

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