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An online presence portrays a professional front to your customer, and gives them access to high level information about your company, and details to get in contact with you. If you want an online presence and just don't know how to go about it, or have an idea, but don't have the skills, then one of our options below could assist. 


Holding Company Founded

Anoetic Creative Business Solutions (the Holding company for Domain Cafe) was founded in 2002 as a provider of broadband internet access and affordable web hosting solutions.

Over the following years, Anoetic’s product offerings transformed to focus on Domain Registration & Transfers, Website Hosting, Email Accounts and Internet Security, and extending its service offering to Web Design & Development and Online Marketing Services / SEO.

Website : www.anoetic.co.za

Anoetic - an Accredited Registrar

Anoetic accredited with ZA Central Registry (ZACR) as an official .za Domain Registrar in 2017 to register .co.za, .web.za, .org.za domains directly.

A full migration was undertaken to transfer all the client’s and Reseller’s domains from the Uniforum Legacy System to the Anoetic’s new EPP Platform enlignepharmacie.com.


Domain Cafe - Domain Registration Portal

Domain Cafe was officially launched as Anoetic’s Domain Portal through which all domains could be registered and transferred, either by Anoetic’s staff or personally by new and existing clients.

Website : www.domaincafe.co.za